Presentation Offerings

Short Presentations

These 30-to-60-minute presentations can also include up to additional 30 minutes of interaction and discussion. They are suitable for either in person presentation or remote webinar presentation.

  1. Singleness & Marriage: Seeing Scripture with Fresh Eyes Why it matters that marriage and singleness were viewed so differently in the Old Testament and New Testament worlds, and what it means for us today.
  2. Singleness, Sexuality & Identity: Navigating Biblical Versus Modern Worldviews Understanding how singleness, relationships, sexuality, and identity relate to underlying sex-centric versus theocentric worldviews and how we can best navigate them in our world today.
  3. Singleness, Sex & Relationships: What Messages Are You Hearing? (for youth & young adults) What are the distinct messages you are hearing from the world and the church when it comes to relationships, singleness, sex and identity? How what the Bible has to say on these topics helps us navigate how to best respond.
  4. Singleness & Marriage: Responding Biblically to Global Trends A look at the global trends in singleness and marriage, what is behind them, and how we can best respond in a biblically informed matter.
  5. Sexuality in Service to God: Debunking the Modern Myths around Sexuality A look at some of the modern myths around our sexuality, separating fact from fiction, so that we can understand God’s design and purpose for how we are made to serve him.
  6. Understanding the Sexual Revolution and How to Respond A brief overview of the history of the sexual revolution and its major voices with reflection on how to develop strategies for a constructive biblically grounded response.
  7. Why Marriage & Singleness are Core Gospel Issues How singleness and marriage each testify to the gospel in important but different ways and why both lived well in Christian community are vital for a balanced message of the gospel.
  8. If Singleness is a Gift, How Do I Give it Back? A biblical assessment of the gift and calling of singleness in the context of the combined teaching of Jesus and Paul in the New Testament and what it means for us today.
  9. How to Become a Singles-Friendly Church A practical guide to what it takes to be a friendly environment for reaching single adults outside the church and drawing them into your church community.
  10. How to Minister Effectively to Singles in Your Church A guide for better understanding singles in your church to integrate them into community, effectively minister to them, and spur them to greater kingdom engagement.
  11. Thriving as a Single in Spiritual Family An unpacking of the radical biblical vision for spiritual family as taught and modeled by Jesus and Paul showing how every believer, whether single or married, was meant to experience spiritual intimacy in the context of community.
  12. Barry’s Story Barry shares his own personal testimony of God’s faithfulness in his journey as a never-married celibate Christian man, how he sees his singleness and the lessons that he has learned.

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