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October 21, 2023

Centre Street Church Workshop

Singleness & Marriage in God’s Redemptive Story

In this session, Dr. Barry Danylak unpacks how the storyline of Scripture affirms singleness and marriage.This half-day seminar aims to equip you with a biblical overview of marriage & singleness that helps value and affirm all members of the Body of Christ regardless of marital status. We begin by looking at marriage and singleness in the Old Testament in context of the biblical covenants and the importance of offspring. We then reflect on what changes occur through the prophets, the life and work of Jesus, and in the time of the New Testament church. We wrap up with some time for open discussion and reflection on how we can apply some of the key takeaways.

Centre Street Church – Calgary, Alberta

September 27 – September 29, 2023

Missio Nexus

Shift – Rapid Social Transformation and the Gospel

Orlando, Florida

June 19 – July 7, 2023

Seminary Course

Evangelical University – Ndola, Zambia

May 29 – June 2, 2023

One-Week Seminary Course

Theology of Marriage, Singleness, Offspring, and Family

This course explored marriage, singleness, offspring, and family from the perspective of the biblical redemptive-historical storyline. The course engaged contemporary theological questions, with a focus on effectively engaging contemporary challenges on marriage and family faced by pastors and Christian leaders.

Canadian Baptist Theological Seminary & College – Cochrane, Alberta

May 26-29, 2023

Glacier Bible Camp, Northwest Christian Singles Retreat

At the Northwest Singles Retreat at Glacier Bible Camp, Hungry Horse, Montana, we met to worship our Creator, learn, laugh, enjoy fun in the SON! 

Hungry Horse, Montana

April 30, 2022

SEE Global Community Webinar

Sexuality in Service to God: Debunking Three Modern Myths around Sexuality

What are some of the everyday myths around human sexuality that most need to be called out and corrected? How do these myths profoundly impact how we view ourselves as human beings and what we value in our culture today? In this webinar Dr. Barry Danylak will debunk three big myths around sexuality and help sort out fact from fiction. We will reflect on the harm caused by these myths and how we can respond to them with a biblical perspective of human sexuality as God designed it. We will wrap up with some reflection on how our sexuality fits within God’s purposes for us as human beings whether we are in a relationship or not. SEE Video


April 12 – 13, 2022

Missio Nexus 24 Event

Equipping Missions for the Cultural Challenges of Singleness, Marriage & Sexuality with Dr. Barry Danylak

Culture is rapidly changing with respect to marriage, singleness and sexuality. Mission organizations need biblically grounded tools and resources to provide constructive responses to these cultural challenges. Though singles and marrieds, with and without children, may serve shoulder to shoulder on teams, they have very different perceptions, needs and challenges.

What are the critical differences? How do we respond to the cultural challenges and live the reality of who we are in Christ as we serve together on teams – thriving in service and community? How do we effectively value and leverage every member?

This 24-Event equipped mission leaders to develop answers to these questions. We offer a biblical foundation for thinking and reflecting on the issues of singleness, marriage and sexuality relevant for all cultures, traditional and western. In a collaborative learning environment participants will have opportunity to share methods for better supporting and leveraging single and married members in their mission.

This event was facilitated by the Shoulder-to-Shoulder team, an initiative of One Another Ministries.

Chicago, Il

March 28 – April 1, 2022

Thrive Ministry – 2022 Gather

This session was part of a five-day, web-based live event specifically for women ministering overseas. In this session Melanie Nelson unpacked the biblical vision for spiritual family. We explored how each believer is complete in Christ whether single, married, or single again and how all of us together are vital for the kingdom mission of the church. We discussed three key factors critical for fostering a flourishing spiritual family. Attendees learned how to thrive as spiritual family in the mission God has called us to.


February 12, 2022

SEE Global Community Webinar

Trauma During Covid with Solutions in Daily Lives

Trauma and ACEs (Adverse childhood experiences) have a profound effect on our growth and development as children that can affect us into adulthood potentially leading to PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder). This webinar presentation by two guest health professionals, Mia Klassen (CT) and Margaret Wright (RN, BN), will increase our awareness and understanding on these relationships, while also addressing compassion fatigue and burnout. We will explore resiliency, balance and meaning along with positive childhood experiences that we can utilize in times of high stress like Covid. The webinar includes an hour presentation followed by a time for questions afterwards. SEE Video


December 1, 2021
Centre Street Church Centred Singles
A special Christmas presentation on Saint Nicholas.
Calgary, Alberta
Online and in Person

November 25 & 26, 2021

Prairie College Private Events

Lecture and chapel

Prairie College,
Three Hills,

November 10, 2021

SEE Global Community Webinar

Interview with Lewie Clark of Icon Ministries: What is the Model of Discipleship in the New Testament?

Most Protestant churches are pastored by married pastors with families, and the Christian home of two parents with children is often regarded as the primary pattern for Christian discipleship. But as we examine discipleship in the New Testament, the model we find is much more dynamic with single adults often leading the way! Lewie Clark is life long single pastor with a passion for the New Testament model of discipleship. Join Dr. Barry Danylak for this webinar interview with Lewie Clark as he opens our eyes to how we need to think differently about discipleship, the church and single adults! The webinar includes a 45 minute interview followed by a time for questions afterwards. SEE Video

Chicago, IL
Online and in Person

November 9, 2021

Event hosted by Moody Bible Institute

Singleness & Marriage – What you though you knew vsersus what scripture actually teaches

Regardless of whether you are single, in a relationship, or married, join us for an hour of discussion where we will begin to sort out how to better navigate all of our relationships from a biblical perspective.

Moody Bible Institute, Chicago, IL

October 23, 2021

SEE Global Community Webinar

How the Sexual Revolution Changed Everything and How to Constructively RespondThe Sexual Revolution has profoundly changed how Western society perceives personhood, identity, relationships, singleness, and marriage. Understanding what is at the core of the shift in thinking and the assumptions that have brought it about is foundational for constructive engagement with those in our world today. In this webinar Dr. Barry Danylak will briefly sketch the evolution of the revolution, highlight its key points of contrast with a traditional biblical perspective and explore a few ways biblically reflective Christians can pursue constructive interaction in a post-Christian world. SEE Video


October 2, 2021

SEE Global Community Webinar

Holding Strong in the Lord in the Face of Fear and Chaos

The pandemic has ushered in a period of near constant change in our world as governments, health care systems and people adapt and respond to the continual uncertainty of this global crisis. It can be overwhelming and chaotic and make us fearful. As singles we may feel that we are on our own. In this webinar Melanie Nelson will unpack a biblical passage that assures us that we are not alone and will show how we can navigate our challenging and changing circumstances with strength, perseverance, and mercy. The webinar includes a 40-45 minute presentation followed by a time for discussion and interaction with participants.


September 28 – October 1st, 2021

PTM Conference

A Biblical Framework for Singles and Marrieds Working Together in Multi-Situational Teams

Asheville, NC

September 22 – 24th, 2021

Missio Nexus Pre-Conference

Singleness, sexuality and marriage: theology and application for missions

Dallas, TX

July 22 & 24th, 2021

SEE Global Community Webinar

Engaged and Empowered for Ministry! – A Practical Unpacking of Biblical Singlehood
Jesus calls all believers to put the kingdom first (Matt. 6:33). Singles have a unique expression of this Biblical mandate within the context of spiritual family (marrieds and singles). In this webinar, Melanie Nelson shares from Scripture some principles and illustrations of how singles are uniquely positioned for kingdom service. From there we will reflect on practical ways singles can live this out in our modern context and how the spiritual family plays a vital role.


July 10th & 11th, 2021

Centre Street Church Weekend Service

Family Matters: Singleness Matters
As part of a four part series on “Family Matters”, Dr. Barry Danylak preached at Centre Street Church in Calgary, Alberta on the subject: “Singles Matter”. Barry’s teaching is from Matthew 19:10-12.
SEE Video


May 27th & 29th, 2021

SEE Global Community Webinar

The “Gift” of Singleness: What It Is and What It Isn’t!
The Apostle Paul mentions the term “spiritual gift” in his description of singleness and marriage in 1 Corinthians 7. There is some confusion around what exactly he means using the term. Is simply being single a “spiritual gift”? Is Paul suggesting that marriage is also a “gift”? What about singles who don’t feel “gifted” in their singleness? With a closer look at the text, Dr. Barry Danylak will unpack what Paul means by the term “spiritual gift”, and show what Paul most likely means with the term in reference to singleness. We will then reflect on what his teaching means for how we live today. SEE Video


April 22nd & 24th, 2021

SEE Global Community Webinar

Singles in Kingdom Service
What does it really mean to put the kingdom of God first in our lives and how exactly does Jesus challenge us to do this? How are single adults uniquely positioned for service in the kingdom? In this webinar, Melanie Nelson shares a biblical perspective of putting the kingdom first and together with Dr. Barry Danylak shares a biblical perspective countering common day myths about Christian singles. Melanie also shares excerpts from her interviews with two current day examples of single people in kingdom service in different contexts: David Gregory and Dr. Elizabeth Leelavathi Manasseh; who are empowered in a unique position of global service. Watch this as we explore how God has moved these singles in their particular capacities for service and how the Lord is using their unique giftings and abilities for His glory. SEE Video


February 25th & 27th, 2021

SEE Global Community Webinar

Singleness and Marriage are Core Gospel Issues: Here’s Why . . .
The “good news” of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the core teaching of the Christian faith that makes it unique from other traditions. The Christian faith is also distinct from many other popular religious traditions in its affirmation of the calling of singleness. While it may seem that one is completely unrelated to the other, in this webinar Dr. Barry Danylak will show how both marriage and singleness testify to the gospel we proclaim as Christians. We will reflect on what is the essence of our humanity and why the Gospel is the source of the only relationship that is both necessary and sufficient to ever ultimately satisfy us. SEE Video


January 28th & 30th, 2021

SEE Global Community Webinar

Why Singles Are an Emerging Demographic for the Global Church and How It Must Respond
For the church to thrive in the twenty-first century, it must be consciously aware of the major social shifts in society and stay ahead of the curve by anticipating and responding to changes as they occur. One of the most significant shifts in the twenty-first century is the global decline in marriage and the corresponding emerging demographic of single adults including those never married, divorced and widowed. This webinar will present the global trends and discuss the major reasons that account for this significant demographic shift. The webinar will also discuss what this shift means for the twenty-first century church and how our theology, discipleship, inter-generational ministry practice and outreach must respond to stay ahead of the curve. SEE Video


December 10th & 26th, 2020

SEE Global Community Webinar

Finding God in a Pandemic: How to Strengthen Your Soul in a Season of Solitude
Most of us look forward to the holiday season as a time to celebrate together with family and friends we love. Yet to mitigate the current global health crisis, we are told that we must limit family gatherings and minimize interpersonal contact. How do we navigate this tension for the wellbeing of our own physical, emotional and spiritual health and for those we love? What is God teaching us through a pandemic and how do we find strength amidst physical and personal isolation? This webinar will explain the difference between isolation and solitude and share ways we can maximize the circumstances of a difficult season to grow in our own spiritual journeys while supporting those around us. SEE Video


November 19th & 21st, 2020

SEE Global Community Webinar

Why the 21st Century Needs a Theology of Marriage and Singleness
We live in an age of declining rates of marriage around the world. We also face unprecedented challenges in the very definition of marriage, as well as its significance and purpose. In this webinar, Rev. Dr. Barry Danylak will talk about how now more than ever before, followers of Jesus Christ and his church need fresh theological reflection on marriage and singleness. For those who imagine theology to be the purview of ivory tower academics, this webinar will open up a conversation to show you how useful and necessary theology can be for equipping us to effectively address the problems and issues of every day life. SEE Video


July 25 – Aug 5, 2020

Evangelical University, Ndola, Zambia

Marriage, Singleness and Family

Ndola, Zambia (Online)

July 8, 2020

SEND International

Soul Care for Singles in a Season of Isolation


June 25, 2020

SIM Singles Webinar

Singleness through the Storyline of Scripture


June 12, 2020

Missio Nexus Webinar

Soul Care for Singles in a Season of Social Distancing


May 13, 2020

SIM Singles Webinar

Cultivating Soul Care in a Season of Isolation


SEE Conference

SEE Conference – November 1 & 2, 2019

This conference was hosted at Centre Street Church in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and was intended to equip churches to more effectively engage and empower single adults for vibrant kingdom-serving ministry. Statistics show that in Canada single adults outnumber married adults overall and that almost two out of three of unchurched North American
adults are single. Yet inside the North American church they remain significantly underrepresented in virtually every meaningful measure of church engagement including attendance, giving, service and leadership. The primary goal of the SEE conference was to provide both single adults and church leaders a foundational vision for addressing this
imbalance in order to more effectively equip and engage all our people for discipleship and kingdom service in the twenty-first century.

Visit or view the SEE Conference book to see a full outline of the conference.