About SEE Global

SEE Global is a ministry founded in 2020 that specializes in equipping the church with a biblical paradigm of singleness, marriage and spiritual family that fully engages and empowers married and single persons for kingdom service. One of the demographic realities facing followers of Jesus in the twenty-first century is the decline in marriage in countries on every major continent. As singles become an increasingly dominant sector of our world, the Christian church must respond with a theology and biblical understanding that effectively reaches singles and marrieds, draws everyone into community, and fully empowers them for kingdom service. SEE Global is passionate about training and equipping the global twenty-first century Christian church with a biblical vision that embodies an equally high view of singleness and marriage in the Body of Christ. We understand that our sexuality as male and female, while vital and important, is secondary to our human identity as being created in the image of our divine creator and being destined for a relationship with him. We are eager to serve individuals, churches, missions and academic institutions in supporting all people to live God honouring and flourishing lives in community regardless of their past, current or future marital status.

About SEE Global Founder - Rev. Barry Danylak, PhD.

Barry is an international speaker, author, and theologian with expertise on topics related to singleness, marriage, sexuality, and family in the biblical and modern world. He is uniquely qualified in his ability to engage the issue of singleness effectively on four levels: exegetically, biblically/theologically, in church ministry, and personally. Barry offers deep understanding of singleness, and marriage in the biblical context from his research in the ancient world and New Testament (PhD, University of Cambridge, Faculty of Divinity). His biblical theology of singleness (Redeeming Singleness: How the Storyline of Scripture Affirms the Single Life, Crossway: 2010) has been used in seminary courses, mission conferences and spiritual retreats as a theological primer looking at motif of offspring in Scripture and how it opens fresh understanding of marriage, singleness and family. Barry served eight years as a community pastor of single adults in one of Canada’s largest evangelical churches in Calgary (Centre Street Church) before becoming the Executive Director for SEE Global. Barry has had opportunity to experience and live out first-hand the biblical truth of singleness as part of his own personal journey. Barry has also served as Adjunct Professor of Theology for Rocky Mountain College in Calgary, and the Evangelical University in Ndola, Zambia. Barry is ordained with the Evangelical Missionary Church of Canada.
Barry Danylak Speaking